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invention assessment

Identify patentability and market potential of your invention with our proven"PatVindex" methodology.

IP audit

Discover your current/possible IP assets that you are not aware of yet. We create a clear picture of your IP-related innovation capacity. 

patent valuation

Identify a realistic value of your patent when selling, buying, partnering or any other IP transfer activity.

patent monitoring reports

Discover new innovations, monitor your competitors' R&D journey and identify patent threats.

patent due diligence

Get an in-depth review of a single patent or a patent portfolio before a transaction or any kind of strategic decision.

freedom to operate

Identify the risk of patent infringement before your product launch. We help you gain a better picture to avoid the potential risk of infringement.

Workshop & Training

Invest in the future of your patents that will be developed by your IP and R&D experts. 



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